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Seam Ripper
Perfect for safely opening seams
to repair or alter garments
Out of Stock
Razor Blades
Perfect for opening seams
to repair or alter garments
$4.95 per Box (100)
Seam Gauge
Aluminum 6" long with double pointed
slider. Use for making hems, buttonholes,
tucks and pleats.
$ 1.99 each
Tape Measure
Fiberglass reinforced tape 60" long
one side has inches one is metric.
With crotch piece(as pictured) or without
crotch piece.
59c each
Skirt Marker Chalk Type
Marks hems up to 30" above floor.
Chalk powder bulb and cord allow
self marking!
$24.95 each
Powder for Skirt Marker
Each pack refills marker one time.
$1.25 each
Pattern Hooks
Metal hanger hook and T-bar with strong
nylon cord. Use for easy hanging and storage of patterns.
.40c each
Sleeve Board
One inch thick wood 18" long.
Padded and covered on both
sides for easy pressing of sleeves!
out of stock
English Open End Thimble
High quality professonal nickle plated
brass tailors thimble.
$3.95 each
Leather Elbow Patch
Pre punched high quality suede leather.
$3.95 per pair
Knitted Cuffs
High quality knit cuffs. Washable and dry cleanable.
$1.50 per pair
Knitted Waistband
High quality knit Waistband.9" X 30" Washable and dry cleanable.Colors match above cuffs
$2.50 each
Pin Cushions
High quality wrist or tomato type
pin cushion.
$1.00 each
Bees Wax
Use to wax your hand thread for knot free sewing.
out of stock
Iron Off Iron Cleaner
Use to clean the bottom of your iron.(1 oz.)
$2.95 each
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